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Using Time Based Routing

Time Based Routing

Time Based Routing allows MapAnything users the ability to set a schedule for the day and input appointment times to make sure they arrive on time and fill in gaps with nearby opportunities.

To use a Time Based Route follow the steps below.

1. Enable Time Based Routing by toggling the Alarm Clock icon.

Time Based Routing

2. Adjust the route duration by changing the start and end times under the trip name.

Time based

3. Add waypoints to your route.

4. Once you have added waypoints to the route you can input appointment times and duration by selecting the “???” or “x hr, x min”.


5. Once your appointments are filled in select Optimize or Get Directions.


Note: If there are any errors in the route, MapAnything will alert you letting you know that you will be late to one or many of your appointments. You may need to increase the total route duration if there are too many waypoints or remove a waypoint that does not have a scheduled appointment on it.

6. Once the route is successfully optimized you can save it and will see the following information displayed.

Total Trip

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