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Using the Layers Tab

Using the Layers Tab

The Layers tab is where MapAnything users can manipulate the data that is on the map. This is done using the different layer components of Marker and Shape Layers.

To plot a layer, follow the directions below.

  1. Navigate to the sidebar and click the Layers tab.
  2. Click the Saved sub-tab between Recent and Plotted. (To learn more about the sub-tab options click here)
  3. Click your Personal folder.


4. Hover over + button.

Layer Create

When hovering over the + symbol you will be give four different options.

5. Choose the layer type you wish to plot.

The four different layer options are as follows:

1. The New Marker Layer: Allows you to create a Marker Layer that plots your data on the map, in the form of markers.

To learn more about the New Marker Layer click here.

2. The New Shape Layer: Allows you to be able to visually display territory boundaries on the map.

To learn more about the New Shape Layer click here.

3. The New Favorite Location: This allows you to be able to create and access frequently visited locations with ease. No need to create a separate record in Salesforce, the address will be saved in MapAnything. 

To learn more about the New Favorite Location click here.

4. The New Folder: Allows you to be able to create a new folder within the original folder you selected.

To learn more about the New Marker Folder click here.

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