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Standard Action Buttons

Standard Action Buttons

By default, MapAnything features standard action buttons available on the User’s Tooltip and Mass Action Layout. MapAnything users have the ability to create and edit their own button sets to accommodate any set of users.

 Standard Action Buttons

The Standard Action Buttons include:

  • Add to Route: Add locations to a scheduled route and generate directions.
  • Set Proximity Center: Once a location has been plotted, a proximity circle can be configured and displayed around it, encompassing all markers that fit within the criteria.
  • Remove Marker: Removes the selected marker/markers from the map view without making changes to the Marker Layer or the data.
  • Take Me There: Only available on the mobile tooltip, this button will launch your mobile device’s native navigation with the selected Object’s address as your destination.
  • Add to Campaign: Add records to multiple campaigns, with the capability to update member status, as well.
  • Change Owner: Quickly assign or adjust ownership for any records from within MapAnything.
  • Send Email: Send an email to the associated object’s email address.
  • Log a Call: Log a call for the associated object.
  • New Task or Event: Add a New Task or a New Event to all plotted records.
  • Check In: Check in to a waypoint on your route, only available on the mobile tooltip.
  • Clear Coordinates: Clears the latitude and longitude fields on the associated object.
  • Follow or UnFollow: Follow or unfollow that object via Chatter.
  • Update Field: Mass update a field based on the currently selected and plotted Marker Layer.
  • Street View: Zoom in to street view of the associated object’s coordinates.

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