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Shape Layer for Countries

Shape Layer for Countries

MapAnything has always provided users with the ability to visually display territory boundaries.  Now MapAnything has included the option to create a Shape Layer consisting of multiple countries. In addition, users can define these boundaries based on different levels of granularity. Such as States, Counties, Zip Codes, etc…

This is a great feature for any EMEA or global company.

To build a Shape Layer with multiple countries, follow these steps:

1.Navigate to the Sidebar and click the Layers tab. 

2. Click the Saved sub-tab.


3. Click either your Personal or Corporate folder, depending where you want to save your Shape Layer.

4. Hover over the + symbol.

5. Under the Add New menu, select Shape Layer.

new mapview1

6. Select the Country menu item from the top right corner.


7. Begin searching for and adding countries to your layer.


8. Select Save & Plot.

Shape Layer Countries

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