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Route Planner Settings

Route Planner Settings

If route planning is a key part of how you use MapAnything. This article will help you set some default settings relative to your route planner to make it easier to get from start to finish.

To access and change these settings navigate to the Routes tab in MapAnything.

1. Select the Compass icon to open the Route Planner.

Routes Compass 

2. Click on the settings icon.

Route Settings

3. Adjust your Route Planner default settings.

Routes Settings Page

These settings include

Directions Defaults

Optimization: Choose the method in which you would like MapAnything to optimize your route by. Choices include Shortest, Quickest, Bicycle, Walking, and Green.

Unit of Measurement: Choose between Miles and Kilometers as your standard unit of measurement when planning routes.

Time Defaults

Start/End Location: The default Start/End location uses your saved Favorite Locations as references for this feature.

Route Type: Choose between a Standard route or a Time Based route to start planning with.

Route Duration: Choose your default working hours. These hours should encompass the very start of your day to the last appointment you have on a given day.

Appointment Duration: Choose the standard appointment duration to use for Time Based routes.

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