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MapAnything Navigation

MapAnything Navigation

The MapAnything interface has five primary sections.



1. The Sidebar: This section of MapAnything houses a user’s saved and recent data layers (such as marker layers, favorite locations, and shape layers), plotted data layers, route planning, and points of interest.


To learn more about The Sidebar click here.

2. The Toolbar: This section of MapAnything is where a user can find options to enhance the user experience such as setting a default view, traffic updates, local weather, and seeing your current location.



To learn more about The Toolbar click here.

3. The Search Bar: This section of MapAnything allows a user to search Google Places for points of interest or addresses. Users can also search records plotted to the map.

Note: To search Places – click the address book. To search Markers that are currently plotted on the map – highlight the green pin.



To learn more about using The Search Bar click here.

4. Zoom Control Navigation & Street View: This section refers to the tools located on the right hand side of the map. Zoom controls are denoted as the + and –  boxes, allowing a user to zoom in or out of the map. This can also be done using a mouse wheel or by holding the SHIFT key while clicking and dragging a zoom box on the map.

The Street View (yellow man) allows you to view certain areas of the map from a street-level view.

Zoom & Steet View

To learn more about the Zoom Control Navigation & Street View click here.

5. WalkMe: MapAnything’s built in support tool, powered by WalkMe. The support tool provides step-by-step walkthroughs, documentation, and a link to the MapAnything knowledge base all from the map.


To learn more about WalkMe click here.

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