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MapAnything January 2016 Release Notes

MapAnything January 2016 Release Notes

Enhancements/New Features Available in MapAnything as of January 29, 2016

This release delivers exciting updates to MapAnything: 

  • A major overhaul of our tool’s primary sidebar, including time-saving usability enhancements
  • The ability to save drawn boundaries as shape layers to be re-used or edited
  • The brand new capability to provide premium external data through the MapAnything interface, providing insight into large data sets that exist outside of Salesforce
  • Usability and performance enhancements that will make our users more efficient

These improvements increase the flexibility of the tool and provide a foundation for even more powerful add-on’s to come.

Click on any of these links to see some of MapAnything’s newest features and enhancements.

  1. Main Sidebar Redesign
  2. Introducing Premium Data Layers
  3. Data Layer Editor
  4. Shape Layer Improvements
  5. Dynamic Filtering for Activity and Cross-Object Filters
  6. Route Waypoint Removal
  7. “Refresh in this Area” Button



Additional Enhancements

New Check-in Merge Fields

Due to variance in the accuracy of GPS units over the course of a day, check-ins are often recorded hundreds of yards or even miles away from an actual location. The check-in feature now includes several merge fields that record the accuracy of the GPS units being used during the check-in. This allows you to identify check-ins recorded with a given level of accuracy. 

Accuracy can be measured in:

  • meters
  • kilometers
  • feet
  • yards
  • miles

These fields are available under the Base Object menu in Setup.

Street View

Now when you right click on the map, you can use Google Street view to see what an area looks like from the ground. Be sure to zoom into an area to use this feature.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.47.02 PM

Have an idea for feature? Send us an email at support@mapanything.com with your suggestions.

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