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List View Basics

Using List View Function

MapAnything offers the ability to plot a marker layer and see the results in the form of a list view, much like a standard Salesforce list view or report!

1. Navigate to MapAnything tab

2. Plot a Marker Layer

3. Click on the Open List View button at the bottom of the map (yellow circle below).




4. You can compare records in the list easily by clicking the checkbox next to those specific records (see #1 below) and then clicking the New Tab from Selected button (see #2 below). This will open a new tab, just including those records you selected for easy comparison.




List View Settings

1. Access the List View settings by clicking the gear icon on the on the top right of the List View section (yellow circle below).




2. From this tab, you can select the information you want to display as columns in the List View.

3. You can also select a default page size or adjust the field’s order.




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