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Updating MapAnything

MapAnything Updates

Periodic upgrades of the product are necessary in order to effectively utilize MapAnything.

Note: Upgrading to a newer version of MapAnything will not affect any saved queries or custom configurations.

An upgrade can be done in one of three ways:

1. A representative from MapAnything’s Support Team can upgrade the application for you. Email Support@MapAnything.com to select this option.

2. You can upgrade the application yourself once provided with the link to do so.  A representative from MapAnything’s Support Team can provide this link. Email Support@MapAnything.com to select this option.

3. You can upgrade the application yourself by visiting the MapAnything listing on the AppExchange for the latest version link: http://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000586bhEAA

If you choose to upgrade to a new version of MapAnything yourself, follow the directions provided:

1. Follow the prompts from the AppExchange listing or copy and paste the link provided by a representative from MapAnything’s Support Team into your browser.

2. Click Continue.


3. You will now be prompted to allow third-party access to Google.

4. Check the box “Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites” in order to allow Google to render its mapping system in your Salesforce environment.

5. Click Continue.


Step 1. Approve Package API Access:

a. Review the permissions listed on the page.

b. Package Custom Objects: This Package will have the user’s access (via the API) to all Custom Objects in your Organization.

c. Extended Object Permissions: This Package will have Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions for all of the standard objects listed.

d. General User Permissions: This Package uses all of the General User Permissions from the user’s Profile.

e. Administrative Permissions: This Package uses all of the Administrative Privileges from the user’s Profile.

f. Click Next.


Step 2. Choose security level:

a. In order for MapAnything to work properly, it is necessary to select: Grant access to all users: All internal custom profiles get full access.

b. Once you have selected your security settings, click Next.


Step 3. Install Package: Click Install to initiate the MapAnything installation. Please allow a few minutes while the MapAnything package installs.


a. See processing page.

b.  Confirm that the Installation was successful by clicking Your Name | Setup | App Setup | Deploy | Installed Packages.


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