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Voice Command Turn-by-Turn Directions from a Mobile Device

How to Get Turn-by-Turn Directions from a Mobile Device MapAnything users have the benefit of accessing voice command turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps. When a user select the Get Directions button in MapAnything, a request is sent to the Google Maps application installed on the device to provide directions to the . . . Read more

MapAnything Nearby Basics

MapAnything Nearby™ (phone) MapAnything Nearby™ for Salesforce1 is our recommended app pairing for mobile users. It enables users to: 1. Use a streamlined interface to quickly reference nearby Salesforce Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, or any other standard/custom object. 2. View this data on the map in relation to your current location . . . Read more

MapAnything Nearby Folder Structure

Query Folder Structure Here we are presented with 3 modes for our Queries: Recent, All, and Selected. 1. Recent queries is where you can recall recently plotted queries. 2. All queries displays your Personal, Corporate, and Custom query folders as they would appear in the MapAnything desktop application. 3. Selected . . . Read more

MapAnything Nearby List View

List View MapAnything Nearby allows users to view queries from the Map view or List view. To access the List view, follow these steps. 1. Open MA Nearby and select a query to plot 2. Open the Map view and refresh the query once the zoom level has been determined . . . Read more

Use Case: Find Near By

Find Nearby Records and Navigating to them Let’s start by selecting a query to plot from our folders. 1. In the Folders menu, click All. 2. Select a folder Note: If you need to navigate back up a folder level, press the “back” button in the bottom right hand corner . . . Read more

How to Check In Using MapAnything Nearby

Checking In/Out Using MapAnything Nearby MapAnything Nearby makes it quick and easy for a user to open Salesforce1 and see who is around them. Using existing queries that show pertinent and relevant information at the click of a button a user can quickly identify where to go, how to get . . . Read more

MA Nearby Settings & POI Search

How to adjust your settings and search for POI’s. In MapAnything Nearby a user has the ability to adjust display settings as well as search for points of interest. These options can be found under the Settings page in MapAnything Nearby. 1.  Searching Points of Interest. Enable this feature by . . . Read more