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How to Enable the New Mobile Experience (Winter ’17 Release)

How to Enable the New Mobile Experience (Winter ’17 Release)   This article will walk you through how to enable the new mobile experience released in the Winter ’17 version of MapAnything. To experience the new mobile experience, it must be enabled by a Salesforce System Administrator.  This will require the . . . Read more

New Permission to Hide Shape Aggregates

Under Advanced Settings on the MapAnything Configuration page, admins can hide the “aggregates” tab on all shape rollups. If this checkbox is checked, shape rollups on marker, data, and live layers will not display an aggregates tab.  

Travel Time and Travel Distance Proximity Boundaries

MapAnything can now display proximity boundaries based on travel time and travel distance as well as straight line distance. These boundaries can be saved and stored as shapes to provide much more relevant information to users. This feature is currently available on desktop-only. To create a travel time boundary, start . . . Read more

Dynamic Marker Legend Display

Auto-assigned categories now appear in the plotted marker legend in descending order of category size. The largest auto-generated categories will appear just under the manually-assigned categories, if any. The “Other” category will always appear at the bottom of the legend, regardless of size.

Dynamic Marker Auto-Assignment Enhancements

When building a layer with dynamic markers, MapAnything can generate categories automatically and randomly assign a marker shape and color to those categories. Now, users can also choose to assign a static shape to these automatically-generated categories to distinguish them more easily. To start, create a marker layer and under . . . Read more

Click2Create from a Dropped Pin

Users can now drop a pin anywhere on the map to create a Salesforce record using Click2Create. This feature is currently available on desktop and the new Salesforce1 mobile interface. To access this feature, Click2Create settings must first be configured for a “map click” or “dropped pin”. In the MapAnything . . . Read more

Assign Routes to Non-User Objects

MapAnything routes can now be “assigned” to non-user objects, like vehicles, trucks, or MapAnything Live objects. This provides more flexibility for customers using custom interfaces to dispatch vehicles and build routes. This feature is currently available on desktop-only. To save a route against an object other than a user, a . . . Read more

Truck Routing

MapAnything routes can now be optimized for trucks and other vehicles that might not be able to travel the same roads as passenger cars. In fact, a route can be optimized based off the specific characteristics of a truck and its cargo. This feature is currently available on desktop-only. To . . . Read more

MapAnything Mobile: Create New Route

MapAnything users can now create new routes right from their mobile devices with MapAnything Mobile. Select ‘Routes’ from the main menu then select ‘New Route’ from the Routes menu. Select the ‘Edit’ button next to the route name to edit the name and date of the route. You can also . . . Read more

MapAnything Mobile: Zoom to Fit

MapAnything users can quickly zoom to a level that displays all records plotted on the map. Select the ‘Settings’ button to the left of the search bar. Select ‘Zoom to Fit.’