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Create a Route

Create a Route With a Marker Layer plotted on the map adjust your map view to the area you want to plan a route for. To begin creating your route select the first marker you wish to add to the route. 1. Select the Actions tab. 2. Click on Add to Route. . . . Read more

Route Planner Settings

Route Planner Settings If route planning is a key part of how you use MapAnything. This article will help you set some default settings relative to your route planner to make it easier to get from start to finish. To access and change these settings navigate to the Routes tab . . . Read more

Accessing Saved Routes in MapAnything Mobile

Accessing Saved Routes in MapAnything Mobile Once a route is created using the desktop version of MapAnything and saved to a user’s calendar, that route is then ready to be used in MapAnything Mobile. To access a saved route begin by: 1. Open MapAnything Mobile in a mobile browser, such as Safari, . . . Read more

Using Time Based Routing

Time Based Routing Time Based Routing allows MapAnything users the ability to set a schedule for the day and input appointment times to make sure they arrive on time and fill in gaps with nearby opportunities. To use a Time Based Route follow the steps below. 1. Enable Time Based . . . Read more

Edit a Route

Edit a Route To edit a route start by opening an existing route to the Route Planner. 1. Open the Routes tab. 2. Click on a route to open it. Each record in a route is defined as a Waypoint. There are several things you are able to do with . . . Read more

Adding Waypoints to a Route

Adding Waypoints to a Route The Routes tab on the sidebar provides users with turn-by-turn directions and optimal route suggestions. 1. Navigate to the sidebar. 2. Click on the Routes tab. Note: Prior to saving any routes, this tab will appear empty.   3. You can add points to a trip . . . Read more

Mass Adding Waypoints to a Route

Mass Adding Waypoints to a Route You can mass assign records to a route by creating a boundary around the records you want to include in your route. 1. Right-click inside the polygon or the proximity circle. 2. Hover over Mass Actions. 3. Click Add to Route. This will add . . . Read more

Import Events Into a Route

Import Events Into a Route Importing events to a route is beneficial because it gives the MapAnything user the ability to quickly add scheduled appointments to any route. A few things to note before getting started. 1. The address for the event is supplied first through a properly configured Events . . . Read more