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Layer Into a Layer

Layer Into a Layer The idea of layering into a layer comes from when needing to see a specific sub-set of data from a pre-defined set of data. The example this article will cover shows how a user can build a layer to show Contacts that fall in Accounts with Open Opportunities Closing . . . Read more

Filter with Date Literals

Filter with Date Literals Many times users want to build reports that hinge around specific date ranges. MapAnything offers a dynamic, easy way to accomplish this. Similar to Salesforce.com reporting, date literals help make queries that work dynamically based on date fields. Date Literals can be used as filters or . . . Read more

Dynamic Order By Filter

Dynamic Order By Filter The MapAnything Marker Layer Builder is full of powerful filtering options. Use the Dynamic Order By option if you want to load data to the map in any specific order. To access this filter option, open the query builder and select the Advanced filter option In the section . . . Read more

Dynamic User Marker Layer

Dynamic User Marker Layer MapAnything users have the advantage other Salesforce users do not when it comes to reporting and visualizing data. With the idea of the Dynamic User Marker Layer, MapAnything users can build Marker Layers that work for a broad set of users while respecting the hierarchy. These . . . Read more

How to Dynamically Color the Markers

Dynamically Coloring Markers One of the most powerful aspects of MapAnything is the ability to color markers dynamically based on a given field. By default marker colors are set as Static but can be changed very quickly to be Dynamic. In addition you are able to assign a shape to . . . Read more

Ownership Marker Grid

Ownership Marker Grid Ownership gives a manager or team leader the ability to see what their team is doing or working on. This could be used in the scenario where a manager wants to see accounts broken out by the account owner. Another case that this applies to is looking . . . Read more

Number & Currency Fields Marker Grid

Number & Currency Fields Marker Grid Number & Currency fields make great dynamic marker legends. If you want to see your accounts by annual revenue or opportunities by amount then this is going to make your life much easier. Segmenting number & currency fields gives you a quick and easy . . . Read more

Close Date Marker Grid

Close Date Marker Grid Close Date is a standard field on the opportunity record that helps users stay on top of their opportunities. You may use this to track the status of your own deals and when you expect it to close. Sales Managers and Operations people may use this . . . Read more

Last Activity Marker Grid

Last Activity Marker Grid Last Activity is a great way to keep up with your accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. With MapAnything salesforce users have the added benefit of monitoring account activity status with a simple report. Using “Date Literal” field values gives the user the option to build this . . . Read more

Picklist Fields Marker Grid

Picklist Fields Marker Grid Picklist fields are an easy way to color code the markers on the map using the values as indicators. Many objects come with some default picklist values such as Account Type, Opportunity Stage, or Lead Rating. Your organization may have custom picklist fields and custom objects . . . Read more