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Query Building: Cross Object Filters

Query Building: Cross Object Filters Cross Object Filters are very similar to Field Filters in the fact that they let you access fields to filter with on the target object. The difference is that instead of building a query directly on an object, the user can build a query on . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Field Filter

Marker Layer Building: Field Filter A field filter in MapAnything is the most basic filter type as well as the most common filter type. Field Filters allow a user to select from any available field on the selected base object. Note: Long Text Area fields are not able to be filtered . . . Read more

Query Building: Filter by Owner

Query Building: Filter by Owner MapAnything has several filtering options that allow users to create reports that are more powerful and digestible than a standard Salesforce.com report. This article expands upon the Filter by Owner options available in MapAnything. These filter options require an organization has the Manager field on the User object . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Markers

Marker Layer Building: Markers This section allows users to assign colors to the markers that are created when a Marker Layer is plotted to the map. There are a 4 different marker assignment types to choose from and endless combinations of color assignments. Users can also select a default render mode for . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Tooltips

Marker Layer Building: Tooltips Users can customize the information that appears within the tooltip for each marker on the map. Once the Marker Layer has been plotted, select a marker and the tooltip window will appear. If the in-line editing user permission is enabled, these fields can be updated from the map. . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Filters

Marker Layer Building: Filters The Marker Layer Builder allows users the ability to get as granular as they would like with their data by providing several different filter types. This article aims is meant to shed some light on the different filter types. There are 5 filter types to choose from: Field Filter: . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Advanced

Marker Layer Building: Advanced Advanced Marker Layer building options include the following: Cache Options: This option allows users to cache queries making it easier to recall them the next time the Marker Layer is ran. Refresh Options: Regular page refreshes if the data set is updating frequently or being monitored by an end . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Related Lists

Marker Layer Building: Related Lists Related Lists are used to display the data related to the record being plotted. Select a related object from the drop down menu to begin. List Label: The name in this field will reflect the Object selected under the Related Object column. Users can edit the . . . Read more

Marker Layer Building: Proximity

Marker Layer Building: Proximity This section of the Marker Layer Builder allows a user to enable auto-proximity circles for any given marker layer. When enabled, the marker layer will plot the markers as usual and will add a proximity circle to each. This isolates any another layer’s markers on the map that do . . . Read more

Using Proximity for Mapping

Using Proximity for Mapping Proximity mapping is a powerful tool because it gives the user the ability to focus on a geo-targeted area to drive analytics or use mass actions for planning. It can also provide a way to view overlap, white space, and hot spots. There are several ways within . . . Read more