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MapAnything Navigation

MapAnything Navigation The MapAnything interface has five primary sections.   1. The Sidebar: This section of MapAnything houses a user’s saved and recent data layers (such as marker layers, favorite locations, and shape layers), plotted data layers, route planning, and points of interest. To learn more about The Sidebar click here. . . . Read more

How to Use the Sidebar

The Sidebar In order to enable the new sidebar user interface, please follow the instructions outlined in this article. The most important piece of the MapAnything interface to understand is the Sidebar. This component of the user interface houses Saved Queries, Data Layers, Routing, and Point of Interest (POI) information. The . . . Read more

Using the Saved Layers Tab

Using the Saved Layers Tab Navigate to the sidebar and click on the Layers tab. Select the Saved sub-tab between Recent and Plotted. To plot a layer onto the map click on one of the three folders. 1. User’s Personal Folder (Top): All users in your org who have a license of MapAnything . . . Read more

Using the Layers Tab

Using the Layers Tab The Layers tab is where MapAnything users can manipulate the data that is on the map. This is done using the different layer components of Marker and Shape Layers. To plot a layer, follow the directions below. Navigate to the sidebar and click the Layers tab. Click the Saved sub-tab . . . Read more

Using the Routes Tab

Using the Routes Tab The Routes tab is where users can create and edit routes for use in the Salesforce1 mobile application. Routes can be searched through as well as assigned to other users depending on routing role security. Begin using the route planner by clicking on the routes tab. . . . Read more

How to Use the Toolbar

The Toolbar The toolbar offers several options to enrich your MapAnything experience. This article will walk you through each piece of the toolbar and explain what it does.     1. Default View: Enables users to set a specific map view as the default view to be shown each time . . . Read more

How to Use the Search Bar

The Search Bar The search bar utilizes Google Places for point of interest and address searches. Users can also search records plotted on the map. There are 2 components of the search bar 1. Search Places: Click on the  icon to use this feature. Searching places allows the user to . . . Read more

How to Use Zoom Control Navigation

Zoom Control and Drawing Tool Options The primary zoom controls are located on the right side of the Map. Zooming can also be done using a mouse wheel or by holding the SHIFT key while clicking and dragging a zoom box on the map. To learn more about Street View, . . . Read more

How to Use WalkMe

How to Use WalkMe WalkMe provides a built in support widget giving users access to help and support directly within MapAnything. If you have a question or need to contact support, WalkMe is the place to go. It is identified by the big orange and white box in the lower . . . Read more