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List View Basics

Using List View Function MapAnything offers the ability to plot a marker layer and see the results in the form of a list view, much like a standard Salesforce list view or report! 1. Navigate to MapAnything tab 2. Plot a Marker Layer 3. Click on the Open List View button . . . Read more

Geo-Target for Campaigns

Geo-Target for Campaigns MapAnything makes campaign management easier by allowing users to geo-target contacts and leads to funnel them into the correct campaign. Using the powerful reporting engine along with mass actions, finding the right target market is a cinch. First you will want to build a report for your . . . Read more

How to Use Click2CreateTM

How to Use Click2CreateTM Creating records using MapAnything’s Click2CreateTM functionality is a straight forward process. It allows users to search for and create records for gas stations, banks, their current position, etc. Click2CreateTM can be used on a desktop or laptop as well as a tablet device. This article will cover Click2CreateTM functionality from . . . Read more

Adding a Tab for MapAnything

Adding a Tab for MapAnything Customize your Apps to include your new MapAnything tab. 1. Click the + icon at the end of your tabs toolbar. 2. In the top right corner, select Customize My Tabs. 3. Customize your tabs to include MapAnything. 4. Select MapAnything from the list of . . . Read more

Using Points of Interest

Points of Interest MapAnything integrates with Google Places to provide points of interest and address searching. Follow the steps below to use points of interest. 1. Zoom in or out to the area of the map you wish to view. 2. Enter a search term using the search bar in . . . Read more

Using Google Street view

Using Google Street view Google Street view allows MapAnything users the ability to drop the street view icon anywhere on the map that supports street view and see what that area looks like from the ground. The street view can be activated by clicking and dragging the street view icon anywhere . . . Read more

How to Use a Tooltip

Understanding the Tooltip Window To view an individual markers tooltip you must first plot a Marker Layer to the map. When a marker is selected that markers tooltip appears with several pieces of information. The following options will be displayed: 1. Info: This tab displays the tooltip values set during Marker . . . Read more

Creating Folders for Organizing Reports

Creating a New Folder Creating folders allows Admins and Super Users the ability to manage and assign queries to sets of users using the corporate folder and permissions or just to organize their named folders. To create a folder do the following. 1. Navigate to the sidebar and click on . . . Read more

Set a Default View

Set a Default View Use this function to set a default viewing area and map type of the map to load when you open MapAnything. 1. Adjust the map to the desired zoom level and location. Note: You can adjust the map type to one of the other 3 options . . . Read more