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Custom Disposition

Custom Disposition Once your activity settings are configured, you can set up custom disposition. Custom disposition allows your users to check in/check out on a mobile device and fill in a few fields of information about the meeting they attended. 1. First, it is necessary to set up a field set . . . Read more

General Settings

General Settings MapAnything has several general settings which can be enabled. Enabling these features is a global change for all MapAnything users. This section is broken into two parts: Licensing and Enabled Features. Licensing This portion of the settings page is used to activate custom shape layers. Note: If you . . . Read more

Enabling Folder Permissions

Enabling Folder Permissions Folder permissions will determine which users can view, create and edit queries within a particular folder. If this checkbox is not checked, then the Folder Admin permission setting does not apply. All users will be able to see all folders in the corporate area. Checking the Folder . . . Read more

Assign User Permissions

Assign User Permissions User permissions grant or restrict the access users have to certain features in MapAnything. Admins have the ability to search by user or profile to determine what users get what permissions such as exporting, in-line editing, etc… Accessing the Permissions Page 1. Go to Setup | Installed . . . Read more

Button Sets

Button Sets Button sets are the set of action buttons available in MapAnything when a marker is selected. There are a number of buttons that come standard in MapAnything such as Log a Call, Take Me There, and New Task. MapAnything also supports the configuration of custom buttons to suite . . . Read more

Button Sets Action Buttons

Actions An action is a routine that can be performed on a marker or a set of markers (in this case it is referred to as a mass action).  There are a variety of Standard Actions built into MapAnything, and there is also support for developers to create their own . . . Read more

Custom Actions

Custom Actions MapAnything allows you to create Custom Action Buttons. Custom Action buttons can redirect you to any webpage you want (including outside of SF) while passing along some basic information about the associated record. 1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Installed Packages. 2. Locate the MapAnything package and click . . . Read more

Activity Settings

Activity Settings Activity Settings are needed in order to use MapAnything Routes. If you are using Professional edition of Salesforce.com, these fields have to be created manually. Group edition users need to contact MapAnything Support before trying to configure these settings for MapAnything Routes. Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer edition users can . . . Read more

Routing Role Security

Routing Role Security Utilizing the Routing Role Security functionality of MapAnything can provide an organization with a way to assign and manage delivery routes or plan a day full of meetings for a field sales rep. If Routing Role Security is enabled, MapAnything will use your existing role hierarchy to . . . Read more

Auto Check Out

Auto Check Out Auto Check Out is a feature for organizations that want a quick and easy way to log an activity in Salesforce against an account, opportunity, case, etc… Standard Check In/Out functionality in MapAnything is designed for the user to Check In at a location and subsequently Check . . . Read more