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New Geocoding Process

To migrate over to the new and improved geocoding process, please follow these steps: Click here for more information on Salesforce’s geocoding process. PLEASE NOTE: The new geocoding process DOES NOT affect Custom Base Objects. This configuration only applies to Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Activate Geocode Clean Rules Setup → Administrator . . . Read more

Editing a Base Object

To edit a Base Object, or to ensure that it is correctly configured to mirror your Salesforce Org, follow these steps: 1. Go to Setup | Build | Installed Packages. 2. Find your MapAnything package and select Configure. 3. In the MapAnything Administration Menu, located in the top right corner, . . . Read more

Custom Disposition

Custom Disposition Once your activity settings are configured, you can set up custom disposition. Custom disposition allows your users to check in/check out on a mobile device and fill in a few fields of information about the meeting they attended. 1. First, it is necessary to set up a field set . . . Read more

Skip Failed Geocodes

Skip Failed Geocodes This field is put in place for when a user wants to geocode using batch automation. It tells the batch geocoder to skip any record where this field is marked as true. If you find that you have a large number of bad addresses you can export the . . . Read more

Click2Create Configuration

Click2CreateTM Configuration Click2CreateTM requires configuration before it’s ready to use. To use Click2CreateTM in MapAnything, you first need to create field sets for each object. Second, you enable each object’s field mapping, to automatically populate information. Last you add the Click2CreateTM button to the My Position and POI layouts. (NOTE: To prevent creating duplicate records, a Duplicate . . . Read more

How to Use Click2Create on a Mobile Device

How to Use Click2CreateTM on a Mobile Device Creating records using MapAnything’s Click2CreateTM functionality is a straightforward process. It allows users to search for and create records for gas stations, banks, their current postion, or any other point of interest that is not currently stored as a record in Salesforce. Click2CreateTM can be used . . . Read more

How to Use Click2CreateTM

How to Use Click2CreateTM Creating records using MapAnything’s Click2CreateTM functionality is a straight forward process. It allows users to search for and create records for gas stations, banks, their current position, etc. Click2CreateTM can be used on a desktop or laptop as well as a tablet device. This article will cover Click2CreateTM functionality from . . . Read more

General Settings

General Settings MapAnything has several general settings which can be enabled. Enabling these features is a global change for all MapAnything users. This section is broken into two parts: Licensing and Enabled Features. Licensing This portion of the settings page is used to activate custom shape layers. Note: If you . . . Read more

Enabling Folder Permissions

Enabling Folder Permissions Folder permissions will determine which users can view, create and edit queries within a particular folder. If this checkbox is not checked, then the Folder Admin permission setting does not apply. All users will be able to see all folders in the corporate area. Checking the Folder . . . Read more

Assign User Permissions

Assign User Permissions User permissions grant or restrict the access users have to certain features in MapAnything. Admins have the ability to search by user or profile to determine what users get what permissions such as exporting, in-line editing, etc… Accessing the Permissions Page 1. Go to Setup | Installed . . . Read more