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Enable a Profile for MapAnything

Enabling a profile for MapAnything is a straight forward process. Users would need to do this for two reasons. 1. The profile was added after the installation of MapAnything and needs access. OR 2. During the installation of MapAnything, the user who installed it did not grant package access to . . . Read more

How to Set Folder Permissions

How to Set Folder Permissions With Folder Permissions enabled a Folder Admin can set permissions against any corporate sub-folder located in the sidebar of MapAnything. These permissions can be set against any User or Profile to limit visibility and access to corporate folders and queries. Note: Only queries inside of . . . Read more

How to Use User Folders

How to Use User Folders MapAnything has a unique folder Structure which allows a manager or admin to drag and drop layers of data (a query) into a users folder. The User Folders follow the Salesforce role hierarchy set forth in your Salesforce org.  With this feature enabled admins and managers . . . Read more

How to Assign Button Sets

How to Assign Button Sets When a button set is created it must be assigned to users for it to be utilized in MapAnything. Multiple button sets can be created and assigned based on User or Profile. To assign a button set 1. Go to Setup | Build | Installed . . . Read more