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How to Enable the New Mobile Experience (Winter ’17 Release)

How to Enable the New Mobile Experience (Winter ’17 Release)   This article will walk you through how to enable the new mobile experience released in the Winter ’17 version of MapAnything. To experience the new mobile experience, it must be enabled by a Salesforce System Administrator.  This will require the . . . Read more

New Geocoding Process

To migrate over to the new and improved geocoding process, please follow these steps: Click here for more information on Salesforce’s geocoding process. PLEASE NOTE: The new geocoding process DOES NOT affect Custom Base Objects. This configuration only applies to Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Activate Geocode Clean Rules Setup → Administrator . . . Read more

Create the Map Multiple Addresses Button

Create the Map Multiple Addresses Button In some cases, MapAnything users may find they have multiple sets of addresses stored on one record and want to see each location plotted on the map simultaneously. To accomplish this, you can set up a button to map multiple addresses at once.  The Map . . . Read more

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms Actions Actions – Refers to any of the action buttons (single or mass actions) that can be performed against a record. (ie. Add to Route, Clear Coordinates, New Task) Add to Campaign – Refers to the action button for Lead and Contact records that allows a user . . . Read more

Enable a Profile for MapAnything

Enabling a profile for MapAnything is a straight forward process. Users would need to do this for two reasons. 1. The profile was added after the installation of MapAnything and needs access. OR 2. During the installation of MapAnything, the user who installed it did not grant package access to . . . Read more

Geocoding Results and Match Levels

Geocoding Results and Match Levels In order to put a pin on the map, MapAnything needs to geocode the address stored on any given record. Geocoding is not a perfect process and can return a number of different match level scores. Depending on the provided addresses level of completion and . . . Read more

What Happens During Geocoding?

What Happens During Geocoding? Populating the Latitude and Longitude fields in MapAnything. During the configuration process, MapAnything will create Latitude and Longitude fields for each base object that is configured. These fields are where latitude/longitude coordinates are stored to increase the speed of future map/marker interactions. During the configuration process, . . . Read more

How to Manage Your Licenses

How to Manage Your Licenses In order to grant users access to the MapAnything application, you must assign each user a MapAnything license. These licenses were provided during your install and are available to be distributed to your users. Note: If you are working out of a Sandbox environment there . . . Read more

Create the Map It Button

Create the Map It Button The Map It feature allows users to plot any record on a MapAnything map with just one click. It can be added to any base object page layout. When clicked, the Map It button navigates the user to a MapAnything map with the record automatically . . . Read more

How to Create a Remote Site for Purge Workflow Rules

How to Create a Remote Site for Purge Workflow Rules Adding a remote site to your environment allows for the creation of the purge workflow rules on your address fields. 1. Navigate to the MapAnything tab and copy the URL that appears in the address bar. 2. Go to Setup | Administration . . . Read more