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Standard Action Buttons

Standard Action Buttons By default, MapAnything features standard action buttons available on the User’s Tooltip and Mass Action Layout. MapAnything users have the ability to create and edit their own button sets to accommodate any set of users.   The Standard Action Buttons include: Add to Route: Add locations to a scheduled . . . Read more

Using Mass Actions

MapAnything Mass Actions Mass Actions are a very powerful features available in MapAnything. With Mass Actions a user can do several things including route planning, campaign management, and owner changes. Mass Actions buttons can be configured the same way individual button sets are. Multiple layouts can be created and assigned to . . . Read more

Create a Task or Event

Create a Task or Event To create a Task or Event using MapAnything follow the steps below. 1. Plot a Query to the map. 2. Click on a marker. 3. Select the “Actions” tab. 4. Click the button labeled New Task or New Event. 5. Fill out the necessary fields on . . . Read more

Export a Marker Layer from MapAnything

Export a Marker Layer This tab allows users to export all data that is currently plotted on the map into an Excel file that displays all the fields specified within the query’s tool tip. Note: The maximum number of records that can be exported at one time is 5,000. See this . . . Read more

How to Use Set Verified Location

How to Use Set Verified Location Setting a verified location is useful when a record does not have an address and is plotted in Washington DC or there is no physical address for the record and coordinates need to be set. Note: The Set Verified Location button may not be visible . . . Read more