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Additional Configuration Options

This guide is meant to serve as a reference for the additional configuration and administrative steps that are not covered in the MapAnything Implementation Guide.

1. Configuration: This step will take you through the additional configuration steps of the MapAnything package.

Settings: Navigate to the Settings section of the MapAnything Administration page.

Auto Check Out: Enable this setting if you want to create completed check ins and remove the check out step

Routing Role Security: Disable this setting to allow users to search for other users routes regardless of their position in the role hierarchy

Activity Settings: If you plan on utilizing MapAnything Routes you will want to configure these field settings

Enabling Folder Permissions: Lock down your corporate folder to allow access where necessary to given user/profile(s).

Base ObjectsNavigate to the Base Objects section of the MapAnything Administration page.

Verified Latitude/Longitude Fields: Create these fields in order to use the Set Verified Location functionality

Clean Address Fields: Create these fields in order to store and capture geocoding data to measure accuracy levels and discrepancies between addresses

Check In Settings: Configure how you want the Check Ins to post in your environment

AutomationNavigate to the Automation section of the MapAnything Administration page.

Manual Batch: Run a manual batch to begin geocoding records before calling them in MapAnything

2. Administration: This step will take you through the additional administration steps to prepare your MapAnything implementation.

The Map It Button: Add the Map It button to page layouts of base objects configured in MapAnything

Set Folder Permissions: Allow access to corporate folders by user/profile(s) with folder permissions

Setting Verified Locations: Update the GPS position of a record using this method

Marker Legends: Enhance your queries using dynamic marker legends